Special Anouncement For The Physicians That Frequent My Site:

Have you ever wanted to publish the outcomes of your particular treatment intervention(s) for chronic spine pain, but you just don't have the time to make this happen?

If so, I am the doctor for the job and am currently seeking employment with a spine surgeon, pain management doc, orthopedic group, or research Institute, so I may continue to create, write, and publish high-quality investigations as part of your team and to land research grants to help pay my salary.

If you think you might be interested, then please visit my comprehensive resume at SpineResearcher.com in order to learn what I could do for you and your practice.

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Note that a major overhaul to the ChiroGeek.com website is underway. I have just uploaded the first version of the "new look" and ask viewers to please be patient while I get the bugs out.

I strongly suggest that you check out these completely modernized pages that contain up-to-date research:

Disc Anatomy Page | How to Read Your MRI Page | Spondylolisthesis Page | Disc Bulge Page

Best regards,

Douglas M. Gillard, DC, Spine Researcher