Testimonial for Dr. Gillard's Coaching Service

January 6, 2013

Scott Andrews
President & Founder
Master The Gap, Inc.

I had been suffering from severe back pain for years when I stumbled on Doug's website, ChiroGeek.Com. After countless evaluations with back specialists and many failed injective procedures, I decided to try Doug's coaching service to get another opinion and help me understand my MRIs. To my total surprise, he identified a large annular tear within my L5/S1 disc and believed it was the likely source of my pain - something others had failed to notice. 

I was so happy with his objective counsel that I happily paid him for a 2nd consultation to help me interpret the conflicting and confusing advice I had received from different surgeons. His expertise and objective opinion helped me identify a path forward and understand the risks involved. And he gave me confidence that, in my case, surgery was likely the best option. 
I am currently recovering from lumbar spinal fusion and, although I know it’s going to take time to recover, so far so good.

For anyone suffering from back pain and trying to make sense of all the medical terminology, I'd highly recommend they consider a coaching session with Doug.  My two consultations were invaluable. Thank you Doug! 

Scott Andrews,
Raleigh, NC.