A Testimonial For Dr. Gillard's Coaching Session

Testimonial--Coaching session of 8/22/2015

I am a 72 year old retired Engineer and my brain goes in a straight line from A to Z.  A=Spinal Stenosis to Z=get it fixed. Anyone who has suffered with continued back pain learns that there is no straight line between pain and finding the path to relief.

I have had symptoms for 5 months. After 2 months of seeing my Primary Care Doctor, I started with a Google search to learn all I could about my symptoms. Concurrent with my research I have been to a Neuro Surgeon, Gone through Re-Hab, had 3 Pain Management steroid injections, 2 x-ray sessions and an MRI. After all those Doctor Visits and procedures, I still did not have a clear path for the next step to pain relief. My continued research always lead back to Dr. Gillard’s web site.

At the beginning of our Go to Meeting Coaching session, Dr. Gillard ask a few detail questions about when and how the pain began 5 months ago, what doctors I have seen, and procedures completed. We discussed the x-rays and MRI using our computers as a visual guide. Dr. Gillard continued through the different views developing a more detailed opinion of where the pain was originating from. It was refreshing to have someone with his knowledge take time to explain my situation in language I could understand. By the end of the Coaching Session Dr. Gillard lead the way to a reasonable unbiased resolution based on facts.

Paul—In Alabama