Testimonial for Dr. Gillard's Coaching Service

Lucas D’Amico
Del Rio, Texus

April 6, 2012

Re: Testimonial of Services received from Dr. Douglas Gillard


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to express my complete satisfaction and gratitude of the services I received from Dr. Douglas Gillard.

In 2011, I sufferer and on-the-job injury from working with heavy bags of concrete; I ended up in the emergency room with severe lower back and leg pain.

I failed initial conservative care and was sent for an MRI. My doctor said I might need surgery. Then I was sent by the State to be evaluated by an independent doctor, who said there was nothing wrong with me and the MRI findings were normal for a 27 year old obese laborer. I became extremely confused and depressed because of this news and began to wonder if I was going crazy.

In my desperation and determination to understand my injury, I began searching the internet for help, which is where I found Dr. Gillard. I was impressed with his website as it helped me to understand my injury. After talking with family members and my wife, I decided to request his coaching and report writing services.

Dr. Gillard took the time to review my MRI and history of complaints. He explained that the MRI findings showed a herniated disc and suggested treatment options. He also explained that although my symptoms were not text book, they were not unusual and were caused by the injury—not me going crazy. He disagreed with state doctor’s opinion that herniated discs were normally seen in 27 year olds and that there was no research to support such a claim.

Dr. Gillard’s consultation gave me the understanding and support I needed to move forward and start fighting the insurance company for the treatment I deserved. If I had not found his website and had the pleasure and benefit of speaking with him, I would still be in a state of confusion hoping that it would all somehow magically work out. I believe Dr. Gillard gave me the jump start I needed to be able to fight for my rights and, more importantly, understand my injury.

Therefore, I highly recommend Dr. Gillard to anyone who is considering his services. If I had walked away with nothing more than simply knowing that I was not going crazy, then I would still be recommending him. However, I walked away with so much more.


Lucas M. D’Amico