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Welcome to my research corner. The above links represent hundreds of hours of reading, researching and writing that will lead you through many of the classic investigations of our time plus important new breakthroughs papers.

I obviously don't have time to post discussions of every single research paper that comes out (although I do read most of them as part of my job as a spine researcher), but I do post quick descriptions of important papers on my Research Blog and you can check out the Legacy Research Page.

Included in my full reviews, is the famous Weber Study of 1983, which many doctors continue still used to this day to explain the topic of discectomy versus no discectomy for patients who are on the fence.

Another must read investigation is the study by Stanford's Eugene Carragee who describes how different types of disc herniations have different surgical success rates.

You also must check-out the investigation done by Ohnmeiss et al. who demonstrated that sciatica can occur without the presence of compressive disc herniation or stenosis.

Finally, if your contemplating surgery, you MUST read the study by Rothoerl et al. Here they give you important information about 'When to Have Surgery' and the risks of prolonging a needed surgery.

Education is POWER, so before you see that specialist your doctor has referred you to, GET STUDYING! This way you will know the risks and long-term outcomes of surgery versus conservative care.

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