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All Medical Images & Written Content are Available for Purchase

All of my copyright protected images (aka, photos or figures) and written material on my site,, are available for purchase and are ideal for use in PowerPoint presentations, website creation, posters, scientific research papers, and books. (See below for pricing information.)

Custom Images: I am quite skilled with Photoshop and Illustrator and can make custom images for you without too much extra cost or delay. Please contact me by E-mail if you have any special project in mind and for more detail.

Please do not steal my images or content! I am not a wealthy man and, secondary to that botched microdiscectomy in 2003 and other health issues, I can no longer work as a treating chiropractor or do anything remotely physical. Therefore, I rely heavily on this site to help make ends meet. Please do not steal from my family and me by the unauthorized used of material from As a group of Southern California chiropractors know, I do prosecute for violations of copyright law which are not made right upon my request!

Here’s How It Works

Simply jot down the figure number and page name of the image(s) you wish to use and then email me this information, so I can verify that the images are mine to sell (some were just found on the Internet without identifying ownership).  I will then instruct you to make payment (see below) and subsequently provide you with a Proof of Ownership document and receipt.

If it is content (written information) that you desire, then just let me know from which webpage and which section(s) the material is from, and I will instruct you on cost and how to make payment. I can assure you that all of the footnote citations on these pages are correct and first-paper citations (in other words, I didn't trust other authors' footnotes and actually read these papers to make sure of proper referencing).


I am currently charging $15 for the licensing of a single image, or $50 for five images (or figures), or $90 for 10 images.  If you require more than 10 images, please contact me, and we will discusst the pricing information privately.

Make a Payment Safely and Efficiently Via PayPal

Simply use the PayPal button below to pay for your image license(s) or content license(s).

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