A Testimonial For Dr. Gillard's Coaching Session

Hello Dr Gillard

Firstly thank you very much for your time and expertise during our coaching session.

Having suffered with sciatica and back pain for over a decade, I have seen a number of what I believe to be excellent surgeons in an attempt to understand the problem and decide what to do.

Unfortunately the surgeons have provided at times contradictory advice as to the best course of action (do nothing, discectomy and fusion) and have been unable to give me a clear picture of the precise nature of my problem.

The session with yourself was excellent, in that you were able to provide me with answers to the key questions I had, as well as precise details of the issue: type of herniation, issues in other areas of the spine, likely progressive course, current level of disability v expected average outcome after surgery.

Most importantly your coaching session gave me a very clear picture of the different options I had and the pro and cons of each and helped me make a decision to avoid an operation which in all probability would have left me in either similar or worse position functionally.

In my situation I was keen to do something proactive to help myself and with your experience of the subject, you were able to give me a course of action which I believe will improve my disability or at the very least delay the progression into something more serious.

In summary I believe the hour Skype session spent with you, to be the most useful and productive meeting I have had with any medical professional during my decade struggling with sciatica.

I would strongly recommend that anyone who has back and sciatica leg issues, particularly if they are considering surgery should invest in a coaching session with you.


Parminder Mangat

Langley, Berkshire – England