Testimonial for Dr. Gillard's Coaching Service

March 23, 2014

To whom it may concern:

I just finished my second coaching session with Dr. Gillard and wanted to write a testimonial about how wonderful his coaching service is.

In 2006, I had two back surgeries and had been living with chronic back and leg pain (2-4/10) ever since.  Despite the pain, I was able to function with limitations and work a full-time job. However, about a year ago, the pain increased significantly (7-8/10), and I had great difficulty getting my doctors to really care about it--I knew something was wrong.  Finally, after moving to a new state, I convinced the doctor to order an MRI which demonstrated that I had reherniated discs in my low back.

I really wanted to understand what was wrong with me and what the available treatment options were; however, I just could not get any of the doctors to explain things. While searching the Internet for answers, I came across Dr. Gillard’s website and was extremely impressed by his credentials and knowledge of the spine – there is no other website like this one.

All I did was send Dr. Gillard a copy of my new MRI disk over the Internet, and within two hours I had a 15 page report emailed back to me which included the key pictures of my disc problems, as well as easy to understand descriptions of them. All of this was in preparation for our one hour coaching session which was scheduled 2 days later. 

During the coaching session, Dr. Gillard was extremely compassionate and pleasant; he answered my numerous questions by using easy to remember analogies and delivered the bad news (it looks as if I need a third surgery) with great empathy and kindness. He also told me the importance of finding a top-of-the-line surgeon and taught me how to use Google and the telephone to find such a surgeon. 

I had so many questions and enjoyed Dr. Gillard’s teaching method so much that I requested another hour coaching session where I had him go over my past operative reports which resulted in an even greater understanding of my problems. 

For anyone who is contemplating using Dr. Gillard’s coaching service, I offer the following key points:

1. Dr. Gillard has personally been through the trials and tribulations of failed back surgery and lives with chronic pain; therefore, he has a special insight and compassion that other doctors lack.

2. Dr. Gillard is extremely passionate about the spine and a great educator; he really takes the time to make sure all of your questions are answered and that you understand your problem and the available treatment options.

3. Dr. Gillard does a lot of work in prepare for your session and doesn’t just wing it.  He is also very good at responding to emails in a timely manner.

4. Even though Dr. Gillard is a very well respected doctor in his field (his papers have been published in medical journals, he has been awarded research grants for the study of back pain, and he has been to both chiropractic and medical school), he insists on his clients calling him “Doug.”

Thank you, Dr. Doug, for all your help! I am sleeping much better now that I understand what is wrong with me and what I have to do in order to help the pain go away.


Midwest, USA