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The Testimonial Page:

I have decided to add a testimonial page to my website so that others can learn how satisfied my clients have been with my Coaching Service.

The following testimonials are from real clients who have not been paid or compensated in any way for writing these letters and e-mails; they were just very happy with the outcome of my coaching service.

Feel free to read through the 50+ testimonials below, or here are a few select testimonals that get the general message across quite nicely:

Pastor | ER Physician | Physical Therapist | Mom |

Testimonial # 1 (Texas, April, 2012)

Testimonial #2 (Australia, professional bodybuilder, May, 2012)

Testimonial #3 (July, 2012)

Testimonial #4 (Jan, 2013)

Testimonial #5 (June, 2013)

Testimonial #6 (March, 2014)

Testimonial #7 (April, 2014)

Testimonial #8 (Canada, April & July, 2014)

Testimonial #9 (May, 2014)

Testimonial #10 (Israel, May, 2014)

Testimonial #11 (May, 2014)

Testimonial #12 (May, 2014)

Testimonial #13 (Retired Army Nurse Corps Officer, June, 2014)

Testimonial #14 (Doctor of Chiropractic, June, 2014)

Testimonial #15 (Australia, Electrician, July, 2014)

Testimonial #16 (Italy, July, 2014)

Testimonial #17 (Cervical Spine, July, 2014)

Testimonial #18 (Aviation Inspector, July, 2014)

Testimonial #19 (England, July, 2014)

Testimonial #20 (Associate Professor of Physics {PhD}, August, 2014)

Testimonial #21 (South Carolina, Mom's testimonial for Child, August, 2014)

Testimonial #22 (Orthopedic Physical Therapist {MS}, August, 2014)

Testimonial #23 (Sweden, Software Engineer, August, 2014)

Testimonial #24 (Midwest, Veterinarian, August, 2014)

Testimonial #25 (Langley, England, August, 2014)

Testimonial #26 (London, England, August, 2014)

Testimonial #27 (Florida, September, 2014)

Testimonial #28 (East, Financial Service Industry, October, 2014)

Testimonial #29 (North East, England, November, 2014)

Testimonial #30 (Texas, November, 2014)

Testimonial #31 (California, November, 2014)

Testimonial #32 (Ukraine, November, 2014)

Testimonial #33 (Michigan, Management Consultant, December, 2014)

Testimonial #34 (Nebraska, Associate Professor, January, 2015)

Testimonial #35 (January, 2015)

Testimonial #36 (March, 2015)

Testimonial #37 (Pastor, March, 2015)

Testimonial #38 (Texas, April, 2015)

Testimonial #39 (Pennsylvania, Paramedic, March, 2015)

Testimonial #40 (Boston, Electrical Engineer, May, 2015)

Testimonial #41 (Swindon, England, Chiropractic Physician, July, 2015)

Testimonial #42 (Alabama, Retired Engineer, August, 2015)

Testimonial #43 (Melbourne, Australia, Web Design, August, 2015)

Testimonial #44 (Suffolk, England, Managing Director of a Finance Company, September, 2015)

Testimonial #45 (California, Grateful Mother, September, 2015)

Testimonial #46 (Italy, Engineer, December, 2015)

Testimonial #47 (Washington, DC, Engineer, January, 2016)

Testimonial #48 (California, Broadcaster (lumbar) and his Wife (cervical), March, 2016)him and him and

Testimonial #49 (California, Business Owner, March 2016)

Testimonial #50 (East Coast, USA, Investment Professional, July, 2016)

Testimonial #51 (Southeast, USA, Physician, MD, PhD, July, 2016)

Testimonial #52 (Kansas, USA, Emergency Room Physician, MD, November, 2016)

Testimonial #53 (Mississippi, USA, University Professor / Professional Musician, November, 2016)

Testimonial #54 (Michigan, USA, Professor / School of Pharmacy Chair, FSU, March, 2017)

Testimonial #55 (California, USA, Information Technology Department Director, June, 2017)


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