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Have you found the pages of my website helpful in your quest to understand the cause of your chronic back and/or leg pain and to learn what should be done about it? If so, please consider making a small donation in order to help keep this website alive.Dr. Douglas Gillard

As many of you may know, because of my failed microdiscectomy in 2003 which left me with chronic sciatica, I have been unable to work as a treating chiropractor; I even had to drop-out of medical school a few years ago because of it. Furthermore, have I recently lost my dream job as the director of research for an orthopedic spine surgeon, after he closed his research operation down.

Needless to say, things are very tight right now and even the smallest of donations would be greatly appreciated and would help offset the costs of maintaining this pop-up and advertisement-free website, which would include helping to pay for the costly research papers that I often buy in order to support the information that I put forth on these pages and to help keep my readers on the cutting-edge of available treatment interventions for chronic spine pain.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your most generous donation!

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